The Power Of Music

The Power Of Music

The Musician's Perspective

When all you have is nothing,  you still have music.  It's the one thing you can create with any sound(s), any object(s), any just need spirit and passion and from there you can find meditation and peace through vibration!  There's something special about the way music gives its creators, a sense of being.  All you have to do is believe it sounds beautiful, and it will be beautiful, and nobody can take your perspective away.  It restores a type of hope for those who choose to strengthen their mind by placing harmony into the world.  Creating music gives you that accomplished feeling that you just added your contribution to something that resonates throughout the entire Universe! 

From the smallest tap or the softest hum, to the largest crash or the deepest drum, a violent rap or the sweetest song, music will always live on.

The Listener's Perspective

Ever woke up with a tune stuck in your head from a song you haven't heard in years?  Ever been in the shower and the music stops so you have to finish the song by memory until you get out?  Ever played the same song over so many times you wonder how you could even still want to hear it again?  There's a feeling that you get that you can't quite put your finger on but every time you hear that one song it flushes over you.  Sometimes all we have in life is music as a reminder that we have the ability to control the emotions that we feel.  Whether it's a tune that brings you happiness, sadness, anger, calm or rage, you create the energy you wish to feel by giving your favorite playlist a listen.    

It's also true that whatever energy you choose to associate with, recreates that same energy over again in your mind.  For example, listening to love songs routinely can make you crave more romance,  while listening to music that glorifies violence would create an energy in you that attracts confrontation and conflict more than just listening to love songs.  In other words be mindful of your musical interactions because they choose you just as you chose them.

My Perspective

Music holds so much power thru its Passion.  We should be mindful and wise as to what music we allow ourselves to connect with.  It's a direct link to the process of our thought.  It's capable of creating growth and causing destruction.  Which is what makes it such a powerful force.  

My Therapy has always been music and I wish to share this gem onto the world.  Through my ups my downs it has always been a driving force of ambition, determination, dedication and perseverance. As a Healer, finding my way of healing and perfecting my craft is a life long journey and project.  Not only is music my tool to help heal others, but creating it has been the stable foundation needed in my life and without making music I am truly lost.  So as long as I stick to what matters most, everybody wins.  I can only hope to change lives through the passion that is my music.  

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